[Histonet] RE: Histonet Digest, Vol 33, Issue 14

Sanders, Julie, VHACIN Julie.Sanders <@t> va.gov
Fri Aug 11 12:32:05 CDT 2006

I've heard of putting it in the water bath, and then ice, but my opinion
is that spraying it with any freezing spray cause artifact.  When I
first came here that's what the techs did (use cyrospray) and I
discouraged it and all of a sudden the pathologists were discussing how
much better the slides looked.  We  normally soak all of our GI biopsies
in ice water before cutting.
Julie Sanders 


I have a new co-worker that has a different way of cutting, he professes
that it is the new and improved way but we're unsure and wondering if
anyone else has experience on this way. He faces into the block, places
the block (not section) into a 42 degree waterbath for a few minutes,
then into crushing ice for a few minutes, sprays the block with
Frostbite and then obtains his section. Are we just too old school? This
seems like a lot of work and hassle.

Thank you,
Brandi Farris

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