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One quick test would be to do a blind test:
*Use a test specimen not a real clinical specimen.*
You cut slides and your coworker cut slides from the same block. You 
label her slide as per usual and turn it in as your sectioning, and 
your coworker labels your slide as per usual as her sectioning.
Turn in both to the pathologist in question and see what he says. If 
you still have chatter and she doesn't, then you know there is 
nothing wrong with your slides.

>"Harper, Heather A., CIV" <Heather.A.Harper <@t> pcola.med.navy.mil> wrote:
>   I have worked with 8 pathologists and have never encountered this problem.
>This particular pathologist, says that when I cut, my slides have chatter,
>especially the small biopsies but particularly the intestinal biopsies. My
>co-worker does the majority of the cutting, yet has never received a comment
>about "chatter" on her cutting of slides from this pathologist. Could
>somebody tell me what causes this chatter, especially with intestinal
>biopsies? Is it the microtome, which I have a new knife holder, so I am good
>to go there, because it cuts beautifully now. I have no problems getting
>smooth paraffin sections. This pathologist is making me paranoid, because I
>have never had this problem with any other pathologists. Thanks and Happy
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