[Histonet] Chatter

Harper, Heather A., CIV Heather.A.Harper <@t> pcola.med.navy.mil
Fri Aug 11 05:41:38 CDT 2006

  I have worked with 8 pathologists and have never encountered this problem.
This particular pathologist, says that when I cut, my slides have chatter,
especially the small biopsies but particularly the intestinal biopsies. My
co-worker does the majority of the cutting, yet has never received a comment
about "chatter" on her cutting of slides from this pathologist. Could
somebody tell me what causes this chatter, especially with intestinal
biopsies? Is it the microtome, which I have a new knife holder, so I am good
to go there, because it cuts beautifully now. I have no problems getting
smooth paraffin sections. This pathologist is making me paranoid, because I
have never had this problem with any other pathologists. Thanks and Happy


Heather a. Harper

Supervisor of Histology

Naval Hospital 

Pensacola, FL

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