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Esther Peters esther.peters <@t> verizon.net
Tue Aug 8 15:05:52 CDT 2006


I got adapters to attach a Nikon CoolPix 5000 to my Zeiss Student 16 
trinocular microscope.  It has worked fine except when using the 100x 
oil immersion objective.  This results in a couple of bright spots on my 
images which are being caused by something in the camera.  Microscope 
and adapter professional cleanings and adjustments did not help, then I 
borrowed a friend's CoolPix 5000 and did not have the spots problem.  I 
had my camera and CCD professionally cleaned twice by a local Nikon 
repair shop with no improvement, then sent it to Nikon headquarters and 
uploaded images to their Web site showing the problem.  It was cleaned 
and adjusted again, but no help and the technicians said they couldn't 
recreate the problem so don't know what this is.  I'd asked my local 
shop if a technician could come to my house where the microscope is in 
my home office to view the problem, but no one would (maybe you'd get 
better service since you're in Hawaii).

Needless to say, I am not entirely pleased with Nikon, especially when I 
know they have made at least one camera (my friend's) that does not have 
the problem.  I guess they want me to buy another CoolPix, but cost is a 
concern and what if the next one I buy does have it?  It is frustrating 
because I do a lot of oil immersion viewing and photomicrography.  Hope 
your experience with Nikon will be better!

Esther Peters, Ph.D.
George Mason University

Ross Christian Langston wrote:

> Thanks to everybody for their input on the camera question.  Several of the responses suggested going with the Nikon Coolpix and Nikon UR-E4 adapter, so we have decided to give it a shot!
> Thanks Again,
> Ross
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> Subject: Digital Camera Setup for Student Microscopes
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>>Hello- I am looking for an economical digital microscope setup for 
>>our student compound scopes (anatomy and physiology).  In lieu of 
>>getting an expensive microscope-only camera, I would like to pair 
>>a decent consumer camera with a suitable microscope mount (this 
>>way students can photograph histological sections and lab 
>>activities with the same camera).  I would like to buy 3-4 setups, 
>>and stay under or around $500 each.  Any ideas?
>>Ross Langston, PhD
>>Department of Natural Sciences
>>Windward Community College
>>45-720 Keaahala Road
>>Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744
>>808-236-9119 (office)
>>808-247-5362 (fax)
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