[Histonet] Wanted :Imaging Applications Specialist - Boston, MA

John Rynak jtrynak <@t> hotmail.com
Tue Aug 8 10:13:35 CDT 2006

Imaging Applications Specialist  - Boston, MA
BioView is seeking a highly professional customer focused  
Applications Specialist to join our Customers Support & 
Training team. The successful candidate will live in the 
Boston area and serve as a the specialist for our US and 
Canada clients. You will provide comprehensive training of 
the BioView applications to new customers, providing prompt, 
online, and in-field support to our users, while maintaining 
a high level of technical expertise in all aspects of the 
BioView products, including the biological, computerized and 
optical features of the application.
       Training of new customers to 
successfully operate 
the BioView systems
       Training on a variety of clinical and research 
       Supporting BioView existing users by installing, 
fine-tuning, maintaining, and troubleshooting BioView 
systems and applications.
       Assist clients in assay / protocol transfer and 
development issues as they pertain to BioViews Systems and 
       Demonstrate and present new biological and technical 
concepts to wide audience.
       Design and perform experiments to investigate and 
solve tough technical applications problems; and preparing 
problem resolution reports and imparting your findings and 
knowledge to Product Engineers and Technical Managers.
       MS/Ph d in Cytogenetics, Genetics, Molecular 
Biology, Biology 
       Extensive hands on experience in Cytogenetics, 
Flourescene In-situ Hybridization (FISH), Cell Morphology, 
and Immunostaining analysis.
       Computer experience utilizing Microsoft Office. 
       Ability to understand computer algorithms and to 
tune parameters.
       Ability to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues.
       Responsible, dedicated and a quick learner. 
       Demonstrated use of automated scientific 
       Ability to travel up to 75% of 
the time
Interested candidates should forward their resume to 
HR.US <@t> bioview.co.il
BioView (USA) Inc.
44 Manning Road
Billerica, MA 01821
BioView is a market leader in the world of FISH (fluorescent 
in-vitro hybridization) scanning and analysis.  BioView 
develops, manufactures and supplies cell imaging equipment, 
biological kits and software to medical institutes and 
universities. Founded in Israel in 2000, BioView is a 
privately owned company that employs a team of biologists, 
software engineers and physicists that develop complete 
solutions for their clients. 
BioView's provides complete solution to its customers from 
the preparation kits, via scanning technology for 
morphological and fluorescent imaging, and up to final
reports and presentations for physicians and lab personnel. 
The products are based on an outstanding cell imaging 
technology platform and software package that combines 
morphological, immuno-staining and FISH information on the 
same cell*. Automated, high resolution and full color 
staining puts morphology, immuno-staining and FISH staining 
on equal footing, enabling physicians and researchers to 
efficiently and effectively improve the quality of patient 
treatment and care.
John Rynak
BioView (USA) Inc.
44 Manning Road
Billerica, MA 
hr.us <@t> bioview.co.il

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