[Histonet] Pennsylvaina Fall Symposium October, 2006

Pamela Marcum pmarcum <@t> vet.upenn.edu
Mon Aug 7 10:18:02 CDT 2006

We in the Pennsylvaina Histotechnology Society are proud to announce the 
opening of our web site at www.pahisto.org and the program for our October. 
2006 meeting in Pittsburgh.  We will be adding to the site and updating all 
areas of the program to include our vendors very soon.  The program is 
currently not in pdf. and we apologize.  PHS felt it was more important to 
get the program out for review than to hold for several more weeks while we 
are setting up.  The current program is in Microsoft Word and can be 
printed off for those who need now.  We hope this helps you decide to join 
us for one or all of the three days.

PHS is using the Thursday for those who need more information on CPT 
Coding, CAP Inspections and Ergonomics for laboratories and 
supervisors.  The class size is not limited to PHS, constituent state 
societies or NSH members.  These seminars are being run over the course of 
one day with not competition from other seminars to allow those wishing to 
come and not miss more technical or specialized seminars. If you have a 
laboratory manager who is not in the histology department and still needs 
to understand CPT codes or CAP inspections for Histology this will be a 
good place to learn and talk to others struggling (not that any of us do) 
with these areas of laboratory management.

The seminars on Friday and Saturday will be more technical and some just 
plain fun.  We will have a lecture on the Bog People of Nothern Europe 
(mummies) on Friday.  Special hands on with Mohs grossing and sectioning 
and then just frozen sectioning for the routine clinical area later.  Want 
to know about grossing for the histologist we have a seminar for that 
too.  We attempted to talk the Dr. Gore into leaving his title on DNA, PCR 
as ISHY, FISHY, PCR and he declined.  It is on Friday afternoon.  The IHC 
talks are for those starting who still have questions (Friday morning) and 
those more advanced with double and triple staining (Saturday morning).

Saturday will also have a room devoted to CSI type lectures.

Check the web site www.pahisto.org and join us for one or all three 
days.  Thanks to LabVision for setting the basis of the web site and 
letting us fill in the blanks.

Best Regards,

Pamela A Marcum
Manager, Histology Special Procedures
University of Pennsylvania
School of Veterinary Medicine
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New Bolton Center
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