[Histonet] alcian blue/pas

Andrea T. Hooper anh2006 <@t> med.cornell.edu
Sun Oct 30 14:29:35 CST 2005

Dear Patsy,

The best control for BGal staining is the same tissue type from a 
wild-type mouse littermate (same strain) that does not contain the 
gene for LacZ. I assume you are working with transgenic mice here? If 
not, ignore this comment.

Incidentally, what tissue are you staining?

Good luck,

>Can someone steer me to a good alcian blue/pas stain for frozen sections.
>We have mouse tissue labeled with Lac Z and someone mentioned that cells
>making mucous could actually non-specifically stain with the blue Lac Z, so
>we need to prove the positive stain we have with Lac Z is real and not
>because the cells are making mucous.


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