[Histonet] Help!! We have a problem with a Mounting Media

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Dear Denise,

It was a brown glass reagent bottle with a seal in lid said to be resistent 
to solvents.   Interestingly there was one mounting media are put into 
white plastic bottle with the little pull up tip for dispensing, and this 
media worked great even out of this white plastic dispenser.  It was sold 
for years by Fisher but it could really dispense a gigantic drop or wad of 
media if not careful.

Gayle Callis

At 02:17 PM 10/27/2005, you wrote:
>Hi Gayle,
>You didn't mention the type of bottle used...glass or some form of
>My thought is, if it's plastic, perhaps some sort of chemical reaction
>is occurring  between the media and plastic or that the toluene is
>evaporating through the plastic, giving you the situation you speculated
>on in your query.
>Have a good day,
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>Is anyone experiencing this problem with Protocol Mounting Medium T,
>toluene solvent based from Fisher.
>They take 50 mls and put it into a bottle with a secure, air tight,
>resistant lid in order to not dip into stock bottle all the time.
>If they use the mounting media absolutely fresh after aliquoting, the
>mounting media drys nicely, everything is fine.  They are coverslipping
>cytospin stained blood cells, Diff Quik stained, and dry without any
>immersion oil used before coverslipping.
>If they let the Protocol media aliquot, even though in an air tight, new
>bottle, sit around, they notice a layer or some type of separation
>top layer of  media.  When they use this now separated aliquot, stirred,
>and then try to dry slide, the coverslip still  slips and slides around
>failure of drying!!  Very messy!
>Something is happening, either evaporation of toluene to change ratio of
>solvent to acrylic resin, maybe something else i.e faulty
>manufacturing/preparation of this media?  This is a total mystery to me
>I have done this type of aliquoting with other mounting medias for years
>and NEVER had a problem except to add solvent to restore media - thick
>thinner.   Nor I have never experienced layering/separation phenomena
>my other mounting media (Richard Allan brand or Permount).   After
>coverslipping, the latter mounting media set up and dry nicely with no
>slip/sliding away!!!
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