[Histonet] another CAP question ANP21150

Dana Settembre settembr <@t> umdnj.edu
Thu Oct 27 09:51:48 CDT 2005

Hello,  whoever you are.
You can e-mail that question directly to CAP for a response.  They are
very good about responding and doing so rapidly.
The e-mail address is accred <@t> cap.org 

Dana Settembre
Immunohistochemistry Lab
University Hospital - UMDNJ
Newark, NJ

>>> <Sjohnso616 <@t> aol.com> 10/26/2005 2:50:29 PM >>>
Hi All,
  I need to ask any of you have dealt with this to share  experiences. 
question "Are slides identified adequately?".  The  note of explanation
on the 
checklist for this question goes further to state "If  slides are
prelabeled, the original numbers on the glass must be  readable from
underside of the slide"  Our immunos are written by hand  and a
barcoded label is 
placed on the slide.  We are using Fisher slides  that are made for
etching that 
have the darker coating on the back.  Are we  at risk for a
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