[Histonet] questions about rhodanine-copper stain

Gudrun Lang gu.lang <@t> gmx.at
Wed Oct 26 07:23:10 CDT 2005

I am dealing with the rhodanine stain, because we shall establish it in our

I've read three different protocols (AFIP, Churukian, webpath). 


AFIP and Churukian require sodiumacetat solutions to mix with the

the others require just the dilution of the stocksolution in Aqua dest.

Why? Do both versions work?


Churukian demands coverslipping with aqueous medium, the others don't.

Is the staining result soluble in ethanol?


The stability of the 0,2% rhodanine/ethanol stocksolution is described
between one day and three months.

What is the right shelf live?


I hope someone can explain it to me. 



Gudrun Lang


General hospital Linz, Austria

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