[Histonet] CAP question on grossing

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Tue Oct 25 15:03:45 CDT 2005

   CAP  question  ANP.11610:   If  specimens are dissected by individuals
   other  than  a  pathologist or pathology resident, do such individuals
   qualify   as   high   complexity   testing   personnel  under  CLIA-88
   My  question:  Does the dissection of any kind of tissue count as high
   complexity  testing?  --even  gallbladders,  appendix, skin, etc?  How
   about  specimens  that do not require any dissection but are submitted
   in  whole--such  as small biopsies, TURP's, etc?...Do individuals have
   to be CLIA-88 qualified to put biopsies in?

   If an individual does meet the CLIA-88 qualifications, does he have to
   have a certificate from CLIA?

   Thanks  for any response.  Our CAP inspection is coming up in a couple
   of months.
   Angie Barnett, HTL(ASCP)
   Grady Memorial Hospital
   Pathology Department
   histology <@t> gradymem.org

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