[Histonet] Mechanical tool for removing spinal cord from rats.

Pamela Marcum pmarcum <@t> vet.upenn.edu
Thu Oct 20 09:05:03 CDT 2005

Hi Susan,

I used a small rongeur that I found with the orthopedic hand surgeons.  It 
had very small jaws that allowed me to go under the vertebrae and cleanly 
brake them away without injuring the spinal column.  I just had to ask 
around in the surgical supply books and find one I liked.  It looked like 
cuticle clippers manicurist used only the ends were rounded with a small 
cup like area.  Let me know if this not a good enough description.  I would 
remove the spinal cord intact with the brain through the cauda equina 
without damaging the cord.  This is also allowed me to count down the 
ganglia and vertebrae as I went.

Pam Marcum
UPenn Vet School
New Bolton Center

At 09:35 AM 10/20/2005, Susan.Ferrigon <@t> sanofi-aventis.com wrote:

>What do people use to remove spinal cords from rats during post mortems??
>At present we use large scissors to cut through the bone but are looking to
>try a mechanical tool to replace this.
>Does any one have any recomendations.??
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