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That practice is absolutely forbiden. It can lead to one of the most dangerous mistakes in pathology, which is having the sections from one patient assigned to another, with all the horror diagnostic scenarios, and their consequences, that you can imagine.
This was done twice "in my watch" and the histotech got two written counsellings that lead to a termination later on (for another reason). In both cases there were no patient consequences because the type of tissue was not the "right" one as described in the sample, but it was a "close call" and could have been very very bad.
This is an absolute "no, no" and due to that experience, we had a meeting, and all new employees were aware of that mistake, and this "no, no" was incorporated to our SOP.
Rene J. 

Histology SLU <sluhisto <@t> yahoo.com> wrote:
Hello All:

I hope that you all won't "flame" me with this question. I do not want to offer any information yet as to why I am asking. I want your responses to be unbiased by the circumstances for which I am asking.

The question:

Do any of you techs cutting clinical paraffin embedded blocks, lay out multiple ribbons from multiple blocks on your water bath at one time and then pick up your sections for each block? 

I would like tech and supervisor responses please. Thanks so much. You guys are always such a help.


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