[Histonet] TOTs dealing with TOE NAILS.

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Sun Oct 16 13:05:29 CDT 2005

To all the Histonet subscribers:
Toe Nails has been a subject of frequent discussions in Histonet, and
I have been able to find 35 TOTs dealing with this subject since May/99 
in Histonet Archieves.
Before begin editing these TOTs I want to present them all to you so you
can add any one not included, in a way that the final edition will be more
comprehensive. All the TOTs found and those that you can send me will
be credited to the author, along with the date they were posted.
A-Pre-processing ACID hydrolisis (3 TOTs):
-use 2% aq. phenol solution overnight;
-use 4% alcoholic phenol solution;
-use concentrated sulfuric acid for 2-3 days;
B-Pre-processing BASIC hydrolisis (11 TOTs):
-macerate in 40% aq. sodium hydroxide for 3 hours;
-use 10% aq. sodium hydroxide for 30 minutes with constant agitation;
-use 5% aq. sol. of sodium hydroxide;
-use 15% ammonia water;
-use calcium hydroxide;
-use depilatory NAIR for a few days until toe nail is pliable;
-use NAIR for at least 24 hours;
-use softener MOLLIFLEX avoiding tissue to swell;
-use diluted solution of fabric conditioner;
-soak after grossing during several hours in "chitin" treatment;
-use warm soapy water;
C-Depilatories and softeners (3 TOTs):
-use MOLLIFEX after processing (never before);
-depilatories NAIR and NEET will cause weaker staining;
-NAIR does not work really well;
D-Blocks treatment (12 TOTs):
-ice the blocks really well after trimming;
-soak blocks overnight in ice water;
-soak blocks in warm soapy water;
-use 15% ammonia water;
-treat trimmed surface with MOLLIFEX;
-treat block with "chitin softening solution";
-soak the trimmed block with Downy fabric softener for about 5 min.;
-use NAIR on the trimmed block;
-use NAIR for 5-10 min., but always less than 15 min.;
-place blocks over a frozen block of 0.2% fabric softener;
-soak blocks in soapy water (a few drops of Dawn dish washer in
 10-20 mL of water;
-use MOLLIFEX on trimmed block surface;
E-Sections of toe nails (6 TOTs):
-add wood glue to the water bath;
-coat slides with a 5% aq. sol. of commercial wood glue;
-always use + charged slides;
-use + charged slides with smeared Elmer's glue;
-use a coat of 5% aq. sol. of yellow wood glue;
-heat the water bath to 70 Celsius in a way that the toe nail section
 can float freely after the paraffin has melted at that temperature; 
Some of the TOTs are contradictory so in the dinal edition I will deal
with the fundamental principle of each group.
This and any other summary has to be the result of a colective effort
from all of us to those that have less experience of less access to
I hope to receive your contributions to the summary of the TOTs dealing
with the "horny" aspect of TOE NAILS.
Rene J. Buesa

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