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Rene J Buesa rjbuesa <@t> yahoo.com
Mon Oct 10 11:18:01 CDT 2005

First of all I don't know why you want to do HIER with a microwave oven (MWO). I used the MWO to heat the solutions (expedite the process) before doing the actual HIER in a steamer (any regular steamer could do) I used a Black & Decker (if it happens that you perform Her 2 Neu in your lab, DakoCytomation may provide you with the steamer for free). In the MWO you cannot obtain above 100 Celsius, and in the steamer you will get the same.
If you want to do HIER above 100 celsius you will have to use a pressure cooker.
Anyway, I don't see any advantage to do HIER with a MWO. I would suggest you to use a steamer (cheaper, more consistent and widely used). A good reliable MWO with wattage control will cost you many many times more than a steamer. If you insist in using the MWO at least you will have to calibrate it. I recommed you to read Journal of Histotechnology 25(1):39-43 (2002).
Rene J.

Jeffrey Thompson <jefthompson <@t> salud.unm.edu> wrote:
Dear Histonetters,

Can anyone recommend a good microwave for antigen retrieval? The cheap oven we have gives inconsistent temperatures that I don't want to rely on any longer. I haven't been able to find an adjustable wattage model that is not extremely high end, but I don't know if the adjustability is desirable but not absolutely essential. Any advice would be appreciated. I apologize if this is a hackneyed question and I haven't kept up. Thanks,

Jeff Thompson

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