[Histonet] High Complexity Testing - IHC

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Thu Oct 6 07:14:55 CDT 2005

Hello everyone!

I have been looking in the archives and am still a bit confused. I have
a friend who has asked me to find out who may perform IHC in her lab...
Would you say the following is correct as to who can perform IHC?

AS in science HT or MLT
Prior to 24 April 1995 HS graduate AND Military training (50 wks) and
classified as a Medical Laboratory Specialist
                                                       OR  Graduate of
an accredited lab/histology program.

Based on the above, I am interpreting that I currently have several
techs that cannot perform IHC. Two are HT(ASCP), one HS/OJT the other
GED/OJT. Neither with any college, military training, nor attended an
accredited program. These two cannot perform the testing. I have two
trainees, one has an associates, is an MLT, and is currently sitting
for his HT. (I think he is okay, or does he have to wait to pass his
HT?). The last is another trainee that has not completed her degree
yet, so she has a ways to go yet. She will have her BS in May, then
will sit for her HTL. Once she has her BS, she meets the requirements.

Does all of this sound correct?

Thanks for any and all help!

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