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Several suggestions:

- Cut slower (real slow; real, real slow)

- Cut the blocks at room temperature (not iced/chilled). Chilled is great
for getting thiner sections, warmer for thicker sections

- Might have to change the knife angle. Try cutting an "empty" paraffin
block (make a block with no tissue), and increase and decrease the knife
angle, until you can get sections without wrinkles from the plain block of

- If all the above fail, float the section in a container of 25% alcohol,
then pick the section up on a slide, drain the slide of the alcohol, and
slower lower the slide almost horizontal into the warm water flotation bath.
The folds need to be parallel to the surface of the water bath, not
perpendicular, in order for them to be pulled out by the difference in
surface tension between the water and the alcohol. If 25% alcohol is ripping
the section apart when laid on the water, try a lower percent of alcohol.

Let us know what worked for you, so we all can learn.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

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Hello, everyone I am in need of information. I am cutting brain(human)tissue
at 6 microns and 20 microns. The 6 microns sections are perfect. The 20
microns sections are an nightmare(and I mean Elm street nightmare). Can
anyone suggest the best way to cut these sections without getting wrinkles
and folds.
I am at my wits end.
Thanks in advance

Cynthia Haynes H.T. 

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