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Many years ago I had to do that. Of the three "classical" sectioning planes (transverse, sagittal and frontal) the one to use is the frontal. Rest the embryo flat on its back and cut it open starting at nose/mouth level all the way back to the vertebral column in a way that the back half of the embryo can be separated from the front half. Try to harden it first with formaldehyde (4-6 hours will be enough; you should also inject in the abdomen a little amount of NBF also).
 Try to leave as much material in the front so you will get to cut to the lungs when trimming down the block. I recommend you also to process it enclosed in a cassette that keeps the structures in place, and to extend the times, not so much in the dehydrating as in the infiltrating steps.
Had you been using the dehydrating/infiltrating steps I used to use (ethyl alcohol/isopropyl alcohol/mineral oil) you would get a better infiltration.
Hope this will help.
Rene J.

Patsy Ruegg <pruegg <@t> ihctech.net> wrote:
I am processing whole fetal mouse samples (these are pretty big, they have
skin developed) and the investigator wants to have sections so that both
lungs show up at the same time in the same section. Can someone recommend
to me a way to dissect these to open them up so that they will fix and
process well but still maintain the whole body architecture for sectioning.
Thank you,

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