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Does anyone have any experience with FineFix fixative as a formalin substitute?  We will run some test, however, I would really appreciate any comments. 

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What is FineFIX?
FineFIX concentrate is a water-based additive. When added to ethanol, it creates a formalin-free fixative (the concentrate is not the actual fixative) for use in routine histology and molecular analysis. Its patented mix of chemical additives is reconstituted into a working solution by the addition of ethanol.

How does FineFIX compare with Ethanol fixation?

FineFIX is not subject to the disadvantages normally associated with Ethanol fixation (shrinkage, vacuolization, and pyknotic nuclei).

Which tissue types has FineFIX been tested on, and for how long?

The fixative has been in routine use for all specimen types in typical surgical pathology labs for continuous periods of up to two years. The quality of histology for tissues fixed in these labs shows absolutely the same appearance as that of the original samples.

What is the effect of FineFIX on Epitope Retrieval and the subsequent Immunohistochemical technique?

As FineFIX is not a cross-linking fixative, there is no need for aggressive epitope retrieval. It is recommended not to exceed a temperature of 100°C, for a duration of 5-15 minutes, during epitope retrieval procedures. The exact timing will depend on the type of antigen under evaluation and the immunohistochemical method performed by the laboratory.

What are the benefits of FineFIX for molecular techniques?

Improved recovery of DNA and RNA compared to formalin-fixed tissues.

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