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Thu Mar 31 15:42:26 CST 2005

The New York State Society for Histotechnology Annual meeting will be held
May 6th and 7th at the Holiday Inn in Binghamton New York.


Hotel reservations may be made by contacting the Holiday Inn in Binghamton

Telephone: 1-607-722-1212
Email:hiarena <@t> stny.rr.com

Be sure to request the special NYSHS rates.

Exhibitor/Vendor Information: Please e-mail Linda Chen at KOOK55 <@t> HOTMAIL.COM
Membership Information: Please e-mail Linda Chen at KOOK55 <@t> HOTMAIL.COM
Registration Information: To obtain a program directly or to request a
registration form please contact Judy LaDuc at jaladuc <@t> capital.net


Friday May 6th ,5:00-7:00 (Wine & Cheese Reception )
Saturday May 7,  8:00-3:00 Exhibit Hours

Friday May 6, 11:30-2:30
Saturday May 7, 7:00-8:00AM

Friday May 6, 2005

12:30-1:30 Gross & Microscopic Techniques of Forensic Anthropology: Case
Studies  Dr. Dawnie Steadman

Forensic anthropology is the application of skeletal biological principles
to medico-legal problems. In this lecture, case studies will be presented
that illustrate the nature of forensic anthropological casework where
histological techniques have been helpful.

1:30-2:00 General Membership Meeting

2:00-2:30 Break

2:30-4:30 Forensic Case Studies in Histopathology Dr. James Terzian

While many forensic cases are readily explained by crime scene, postmortem
and toxicological analyses, there are times when microscopic tissue studies
are used to determine the mechanism and /or manner of death. Based on one
forensic pathologists experience, this lecture will give examples of the
utility of histotechnology to forensic pathology.

5:00-7:00 Wine and Cheese Reception in the Exhibit Hall

7:00-11:00  Dinner and a Show,  Enjoy the company of a few “Folks”

WORKSHOP SCHEDULE Saturday, May 7, 2003

8:00-10:00                                 Workshop A or B

8:00-11:30                                 Workshop C

10:00-10:30                               Break

10:30-11:30                               Workshop D, E

11:30-1:00                                 Awards Luncheon

1:00-4:30                                   Workshop G, H or I

2:30-3:00                                   Coffee Break

Saturday May 7 2005
Morning Sessions: 8:00-10:00, 8:00-11:30  Select Workshop: A or B or C

A.  Artifacts Causes and Cures: Fixation, Processing, Sectioning: Peggy
Wenk, (Limit 50, Basic, 2 contact hours)

This seminar will present the cause of many different artifacts routinely
observed in the histology laboratory. The solution to many of them will be
demonstrated with the aid of photomicrographs.

B.  Microtomy: It’s About Technique: Mari Ann Maihoit  (Limit 40, Basic, 2
contact hours)

The purpose of this seminar is to bring about a better understanding of
microtomy and the many factors that directly affect section quality.
Instrument care as well as proper technique will be discussed so that techs
can produce the best sections possible.

Note: This workshop is from 8:00-11:30

C. Pathology for the Histotechnologist: Dr. Tom Haas  (Limit 50, Advanced, 3
contact hours)

This workshop will familiarize the uninitiated with terminology commonly
used by surgical pathologist, and extend the application of these terms to
the patterns commonly seen as histological features of tissues.

Morning Sessions: 10:30-11:30   Select Workshop: D or E if taking either A
or B

D. Immunohistochemistry: The Good the Bad and The Tricky: Andrea Hooper
(Limit 50, Intermediate, 1 contact hour)

The use of “same species” antibodies is becoming an increasing concern in
both research and diagnostic immunopathology laboratories. This lecture will
discuss some of the issues and solutions to working with same species
antibodies in immunohistochemistry.

E.  Endless Possibilities for IHC using the Transfer Technique   Kim
Braczieswki / Melissa McCaffrey  (Limit 50,  Intermediate, 1 contact hour)

Find out in this lecture how the “Transfer Technique”, a simple and
effective method, can be used to maximize limited tissue (including cytology
specimens) for multiple applications

Awards Luncheon  11:30-1:00

Enjoy a delicious lunch and celebrate the successes of your peers. The
awards criteria were published in the “On Stage” newsletter.  We would like
to recognize their contributions to the field of Histotechnology. Raffles
held at the conclusion of the awards ceremony! Must be present to win.

Afternoon Sessions:  1:00-4:30  Select One Workshop: G, H, or I

G.  Great Cases from Small Places: Dr. Tom Haas (Limit 50, Basic, 3 contact

This workshop will explore a number of different pathology cases form
diagnoses through patient treatment to give a better understanding of the
reasoning and rationale for the overall process.

H.  Affects of Fixation and Processing on IHC: Jerry Fredenburgh  (Limit 50,
Advanced, 3 contact hours)

Fixation and epitope retrieval may be one of the most important variables in
producing high quality Immunohistochemistry staining on paraffin or frozen
sections. The effect of these factors will be discussed.

I.  Creating a Competency Assessment Program: Peggy Wenk  Limit 50,
Intermediate, 3 contact hours)

Regulatory agencies require competency assessment of laboratory personnel
but you have no idea where to begin!. This workshop will address writing
detailed descriptions of tasks and behavior assessment, determining how
competency needs to be addressed, setting-up evaluation systems and much,
much more.

Exhibitor Information
Friday May 6, 2005: 12:00-5:00 Exhibitor Set-up

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