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I may not get to heaven, but Texas is as close as I'll get

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Hi Y'all -

With all this commentary about the 'south' and the 'north'  I thought y'all
might appreciate hearing from a border state - the great state of Merlin.
We're below the Mason-Dixon Line, but were occupied by the Union during the
Civil War, which I believe is over in many parts of Merlin, but not all.
Most folks think our capital is Ballamer, but it's really Naplis.  That's
where George Warshington resigned his commission in the Continental Army.
Our nation's capital, Warshington DC, is named for him Go Navy!

We still have at least 5 distinct regional dialects within state boundaries,
and probably more.  Here on the Shore (the Eastern Shore, east of the
Chesapeake Bay, God's Country, where there is no life west of, immortalized
by former Governor William Donald Schaefer as the S--thouse of Merlin), your
county of origin can be determined by the pronunciation of 'sink';  'zinc' =
Dorchester County.  Folks from Dorchester and Somerset 'drudge fer arsters',
those tasty bivalves.  Baltimorese is an entire language unto itself:  'When
you go downy oweshun, stay on the payment or you'll get hit by a car' = 'In
Ocean City stay on the sidewalk or you'll get hit by a car'.

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