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Although I'm not sure what all this WAHOOOO I LIVE IN TEXAS or WAHOOOO I
LIVE IN "THE SOUTH" is all about (I really need to stop mass deleting
emails), I really liked this one.  Before all the
Texans/Texians/Texicans/Rebs hop all over Ms. Stegall, keep in mind that
thumping one's chest about how great a region/state is sounds great to those
who live there but gets old quite quickly to "us
northerners/yankies/etc...".  The whole "yankies" thing always did astound
me since it implies lasting unrest over the civil war (which the south, by
the way, lost).  Time to drop that one. I'll hold off on saying how
wonderful "the north" is or on the experience I have had with "the south"
since I have no desire to start the Civil War II. One nation/indivisible
sounds good to me.

Glen Dawson  BS, HT & QIHC (ASCP)
IHC Manager
Milwaukee, WI 

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Sounds good to me.  I've lived in Texas, and we should let them have
their independence, or return to Mexico, or whatever else the Texans,
Texians, or Texicans want to do.  The place is too flat (except for the
rattlesnake infested mountains in the south), and too prone to tornados.
 I can't stand local football fanatics, and cheerleaders, well, yuk. 
I'm a Yankee who hasn't lived in the northeast since 1976, but I still
speak understandable english.  There is no "r" in wash, and crouch is a
position, not a location.  Enough, I'm starting to rant (again).  St
Louis isalright, but I'd rather be in the Tetons.  

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