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Hi Tom,
A few years back when  was struggling to get our administration to hire additional histotech 
I did an informal study of the staffing for histotechs in hospitals in the NY metropolitan area.
 I called about a dozen histology supervisors and simply asked how many histotechs they 
had and how many surgical specimens they processed. These were mostly large 
busy acadmic or affiliated hospitals. Excluding us, my results ranged from of one histotech
 per 2000 sugicals up to  one pre 3500 surgicals. The average was one pre 2600 sugicals. We were at one per 4500. Putting this information in front my administrators, I told them the
 choice was to add personel or to start reducing the number of sections and special studies which would certainly lessen our quality of care.   I was able to convince them add 
three histotechs and a supervisor. I am not sure how these simple ratios would apply to 
other types of hospitals but it was a pretty good indication that we were understaffed. With
 a little effort, a telephone and generous colleagues, I was able to compile some 
useful data. The moral of this story is that compiling such data can be a fairly easy task
 and you can present factual data which makes it much harder for your administration to 
wiggle away. 

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