[Histonet] problem with melanin staining reddish-brown by AEC chromogen

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What about bleaching the melanin?

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[Histonet] problem with melanin staining reddish-brown by AEC   chromogen

Hello all,

I am optimizing my protocol for a new antibody against the nucleocapsid
protein of a fish rhabdovirus. Unfortunately, melanin pigment (especially
large concentrations of it) is reddish-brown after staining with the AEC
chromogen. This occurs on controls and test tissue, regardless of  primary
antibody dilution. Determining actual positive areas (if any) is
problematic. I am using Dako's EnVision+ system and have been pleased with
results using other antibodies. Switching to DAB then staining with Azure 
is an option (this system uses either AEC or DAB), but I prefer to stay
with AEC if at all possible. Comparing an H&E stained slide to its IHC
counterpart is time consuming, but helpful. I have thought about reducing
the chromogen incubation time from 10 min to 5, but otherwise am at a loss
for ideas.

Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Also, thanks so much for your answers to my recent questions.


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