[Histonet] ASCP testing

Deltour, Douglas D. (HM2) DDDeltour <@t> mar.med.navy.mil
Wed Mar 2 07:44:44 CST 2005

What is alarming to me is that the last exam had a 75% failure percentage(so
I was told). Why was there a sudden need for ASCP to make the exam harder
then what it used to be (pre-2001-2002)? Is it the almighty dollar? With the
new standard in play needing an Associate Degree to be eligible, how will it
effect the shortage of "ASCP  eligible" techs? I see many going back to
school or techs being hired just for ASCP title, not experience. Will this
force employers to change there hiring standards or will it be harder to
find a ASCP eligible tech to fill a position? For the record I sent my
blocks in in 2000 so I have until the end of the year to pass the test. It
is kind of discouraging when everyone around you is failing this test 2-3
times. Do I make sense here are am I way off?? As usual :)


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