[Histonet] uneven haematoxylin/eosin staining

Diana McCaig dmccaig <@t> ckha.on.ca
Tue Jun 28 12:19:18 CDT 2005

We have been experiencing uneven staining recently.  Even when all sections
are cut on the same microtome and put in the same rack on an autostainer,
their macroscopic appearance show incredible variations.  It is so random we
can not identify the problem.  The Harris hemotoxylin is filtered daily.
The tissue type does not make any difference.  We can have 4 prostate slides
and 2 will be good and 2 will show random staining intensities.  Recuts may
show variation in a different area which makes me think it is the staining
and not the cutting.

Any suggestions would be truly appreciated.
Diana McCaig, MLT 

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