[Histonet] question on Nikon DIAPHOT-TMD microscope and camera

Ze Lu lu_ze <@t> sbcglobal.net
Tue Jun 28 10:01:05 CDT 2005

Hello, histonet friend,

We have a Nikon DIAPHOT-TMD microscope and camera in lab. We want to have a digital camera connected. I have some questions as I have not much microscopy experience. Does this model microscope has a C-mount? Also we are using the microscope for fluorescence study, and thinking to buy a ProgRes C-10 plus camera. I am wodering whether this camera that will meet regular requirement. However if you have experience with other camera, we will also appreciate your input. We are planning to buy a camera that is not very expensive as this microscope is old. Thank you.

Ze Lu, Ph.D.
Optimum Therapeutics, LLC

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