[Histonet] prognostic markers and IHC staining

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Thanks Richard,

Do you or anyone else know where I can get more info on IHC markers 
currently in use for deriving prognostic information from other tumour 

Thanks again, I really appreciate your help,


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>A good article dealing with breast cancer is, "Prognostic and Predictive 
>Factors in Breast Cancer by Immunohistochemical Analysis" by D. Craig 
>Allred et al. in Modern Pathology 1998:11(2):155-168.
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>Hello all,
>Although I'm new in this list, it seems that is viewed by loads of
>Histologists, so I would be grateful if  someone could recommend me a 
>of review articles/textbook focusing on the assessment of the various
>prognostic markers currently in use (e.g.  ER in breast cancer, MIB-1 in
>oesophageal cancers), through immunohistochemical staining of tumor tissue
>In particular I'm after a list of: established prognostic markers (or
>stains) vs tumor type, if such a think exists.
>Thanks in advance!

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