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Steve, Sounds like the company is focusing on the "An opponent that
cannot be beaten or overcome" part of the definition. I also have a
Nemesis (since Feb) and have been VERY pleased with its performance. I
would highly recommend it to anyone considering an automated
Susan O'Brien, Histology Supervisor
Burdette Tomlin Memorial Hospital
Cape May court House, NJ

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> I wholeheartedly recommend the Nemesis Immunostainer from Biocare
> I have been using this instrument for almost a year and have had no
> problems with this machine.

Does anyone think about the meaning of words when they name these

NEMISIS: A source of harm or ruin: 
Retributive justice in its execution or outcome:  
An opponent that cannot be beaten or overcome. 
One that inflicts retribution or vengeance. 
Nemesis Greek Mythology. The goddess of retributive justice or

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