[Histonet] PAR staining - Japanese source?

JonesLy <@t> mir.wustl.edu JonesLy <@t> mir.wustl.edu
Fri Jun 24 13:13:12 CDT 2005

Hello -
The person who started this project is currently in China, but my PI asked
if I could query the list anyway - apologies if my question is vague.  I
collect the tissues we stain, but have little involvement in their
subsequent staining and am NOT a histologist.

We need to stain formalin-fixed parafin embedded tissue (from
streptozotocin-treated rats) for PAR, Poly-ADP-ribose - not PARP,
poly-ADP-ribose polymerase.  When we started this project, we had an
antibody that gave beautiful results; unfortunately subsequent lot numbers
show poor staining of our control block.  (The vendor has acknowleded that
the problem is on their end, but that doesn't help our research.)  While at
a meeting in DC, the PI spoke with someone who was also working with PAR
and has excellent results using a stain (monoclonal antibody?) from a
vendor in Japan.  It is apparently expensive, but gives very reproducable
results.  The person working with this stain was supposed to e-mail our PI
with the details, but he hasn't heard from her.

Even if no-one has worked with the stain, a list of Japanese suppliers of
antibodies would help.  (Again, we need to stain for PAR, not PARP.)
Thanks in advance,
Lynne Jones

Senior Research Technician
Dept. of Radiological Sciences
Washington University Medical School
St. Louis, MO

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