[Histonet] re: magnifying glass for embedding

Susan Owens ohenry <@t> dfw.net
Thu Jun 23 12:42:39 CDT 2005

For anyone interested in a magnifier for embedding or at the grossing table, 
try an "OptiVISOR", model DA-5. I just got a new one at my local 'hobby 
shop' (cost 25.00).. My first one is 20 years old and just doesn't look very 
nice. BUT it works great.

The OptiVISOR is worn on the head, it's binocular. The magnifier pulls down 
to view. But once you get the hang of it, you can set the magnifier part in 
one place and just tilt your head.
They come in different lens. I use a number 5 which magnifies 2.5 times. (A 
loop accessory is available which adds another 2.5 monocular 
magnification,if you need it)
This can be worn over prescription or safety glasses.

You can see it here, but you will have to email them for a price. Like I 
said, I got mine at the local  Hobby Shop.

ohenry <@t> dfw.net

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