[Histonet] Frozen Tissue Bank tissues

Osborn, Sharon sharon.osborn <@t> dnax.org
Wed Jun 22 13:33:21 CDT 2005

	Question:  What methods or technics do you use when retrieving a
small piece of tissue from a large piece in a -80 freezer?  There is only
one large piece (quarter sized) smished into a 100 ml centrifuge tube and
stored in the -80.  Once it is dislodged from the tube, how do you proceed
to cut off a small piece (3-4 cm diameter) in a safe contained way?  One
technic is to wrap the piece in foil, have a small cutting board, a hammer
or rubber mallet and a small, sharp chisel.  What methods would be used to
keep tissue pieces from flying about contaminating the environment?
Wrapping the piece in foil does contain a lot of the debris.  Of course, the
tech is using standard safety procedures with gloves, glasses or face
shield, lab coat, etc.
	Thanks for your input.

sharon osborn
schering plough biopharma
palo alto, ca

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