[Histonet] Re: Immunostainers -- in your opinion what's best

Johnson, Teri TJJ <@t> Stowers-Institute.org
Wed Jun 22 10:53:54 CDT 2005

Contact the vendors (or just wait, because no doubt they'll be
contacting you!) and find out the list price on their instrumentation
and make arrangements for demos.  Try before you buy and you will find a
unit you absolutely cannot live without.  All of the commercially
available immunostainers are good at what they do, some just have
different bells and whistles.  You will have to decide yourself which
one works best for your application.  Many companies are amenable to
knocking some $$$s off the purchase price with reagent purchase
agreements.  Otherwise, I would budget for roughly $100k, and likely
you'll be able to bring the bid in for much less.  Better to go that way
than to beg for more money later.

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