[Histonet] Immunostainers -- in your opinion what's best and why?

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Wed Jun 22 10:14:08 CDT 2005

That's amazing ... do you know how much that system costs?? .. right now I am just handing in info regarding the amount of money I need, so the cost is somewhat crucial though I am not sure what system I am interested in yet.... once I get approved for the money, I will look into the machines and eventually choose one.  Right now though, I just don't want to say I need an immunostainer and say it costs around 70,000 when in fact, the one I want is 120,000.  So, yes, I will be in FL and will check out that poster.  
Thank you for your reply.

"Koelling, Ray" <koellinr <@t> amgen.com> wrote:
If you will be at Nationals in Ft. Lauderdale in Sept. , our lab will have 2
posters describing and detailing an automated immunohistochemistry platform
by TECAN. Can run 144 IHC slides at one time. Although we haven't used it
for such, it is set up and capable to also do that many ISH slides.
Completely open.


Raymond Koelling
Research Scientist
Amgen Corp.
Seattle, WA

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Hi everyone,

It's that time again when we need to make a list for big budget items and I
am in need of a good automated immunostainer. I perform IHC (85%) and ISH
(15%) all by hand and at this time it will help me a lot to get some of that
work to become automated. 

So in your opion and based on your experiences, what is the best one out
there and why (for both IHC and ISH, or compromise)?

I am only familar with the Biogenex system. I learned a lot about the
Biocare Nemesis system -- does anyone have any experience with this machine?
Biocare claims its machine to be a nemesis ... but the price seems to also
rival all others -- $77,000 YIKES. I have been to the NSH convention and
discovered there are many others -- but without some experience there is no
way I can actually know how good it works, how easy it is to use, how useful
it will be and if it breaks down after 3 months.

Thank you all for your responses.


Gustave T. Hebert
Scientist II
Wyeth Research
Cambridge MA

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