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I've used alcoholic eosin to colour core biopsies of breast and pancreas
so that you can see them better at embedding. I think it was 1% but be
careful; if you are 'messy' as I am you get everything pinky red. The
colour did stay in and it did help greatly, the only problem is how to
do it without getting carry over. Don't immerse in a common bath of dye,
I know that sounds obvious, but I've seen it done. I used a pipette and
the top of the biopsy lid; put the biopsies in the lid, then gently drop
on the dye and leave a few secs. When you put the lid back on the pot
you get dye everywhere!!!!

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Good morning all,
I have heard of some techs using eosin in an alcohol of the tissue
processor to dye tissues.
I'd like to avoid this, but would like to dye specific tissues for
easier orientation.  Would a dilute eosin work if used prior to putting
the tissues on the processor?  If so, aqueous or alcoholic?  What

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