Here I go again[Histonet] Expiration date

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Sat Jun 18 12:45:18 CDT 2005

Hear, hear, Joe!!!!!! I'm in complete agreement with your points. This 
society has acquired a complete through away the name of 
what? Certain decisions should be left up the professionals to make...

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> Okay,
> I've been too quiet for too long. Here I go again.
> I am so tired of CAP and their ridiculous regulations. Every CAP 
> inspection I fight this same question. When I was supervising the Immuno 
> lab at AFIP, we froze concentrated antibodies at -70 for years. Antibodies 
> that were frozen in 1080, were still viable in 1990. That means we were 
> running immunos in 1990 with 1980 prices. What is so wrong about that?
>    We also ran a known positive control with each batch. If the positive 
> control worked, guess what? The antibody was still good. If the positive 
> control did not work, we threw out that lot number and repeated it with 
> another lot number. When we saw that there was a drop in the staining 
> intensity, we  tossed that lot and started another. My experience with 
> antibodies is that they just don't go bad over night, they start staining 
> with less intensity.
>    I think that the CAP board members have stocks in the biochemical 
> companies. Please don't get me wrong, I have many close friends that work 
> in the biochemical side of this, but why would this drastic change in 
> view? The FDA? I doubt it.
>    Maybe I'm too one sides on this issue, but give me a break! If the 
> positive control works in any other antibody, doesn't that mean the 
> antibody is viable?
>    I know companies have to put an expiration date on their products, but 
> come on. If an antibody expires June 30, 2005, does it automatically go 
> dead on July 1?
>    As managers and supervisors, we are continuously bashed about saving 
> money. This would be a great place to start, don't you think?
>    That is all. Thank you
> Joe Nocito BS, HT(ASCP)QIHC
> Histology Manager
> Pathology Reference Lab
> San Antonio, TX
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>> What should we do with antibodies and reagents after their indicated 
>> expiration dates? Theorectically they shouldn't be estable after the 
>> expiration date but we do know that most of them still works perfectly... 
>> should we just throw them out and not use them anymore, wouldn't this be 
>> a way for the manufacturers manipulate their sellings? Need some 
>> opinions...
>> Tks
>> Katia
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