[Histonet] Schiff's reagent in microwave?

Paul Bradbury histology.bc <@t> shaw.ca
Thu Jun 16 18:59:57 CDT 2005

Two points to make:

1. Microwaving Schiff's reagent will shorten its life and your operating 
costs will rise.
2. Unless you are using some really strange procedure, the time in 
Schiff reagent is only 10-15 minutes anyway. Think about it logically, 
are you really in that much of a rush?
The health risks associated with hot Schiif fumes should be enough to 
disuade you from this procedure.

Paul Bradbury
Kamloops, BC

Jacquie.Farnsworth <@t> cls.ab.ca wrote:

>Hi Histonetters,
>Does anyone have some thoughts on microwaving Schiff's reagent?  We currently microwave Schiff's in our plastics laboratory (for PAS stain on our renal biopsies).  We take the heated reagent out of the microwave, and place it in a fumehood immediately and remove slides.  One of our techs is still having problems with the fumes.  R95 masks are available, but I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts? Suggestions?  Does anyone else microwave Schiff's reagent?
>Thank you in advance,
>Jacqueline Farnsworth
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