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Orr, Rebecca ROrr <@t> enh.org
Mon Jun 13 07:25:47 CDT 2005

Hi Tracey,
I use Ventana Iview kits as well, and have not noticed the variability
you are describing. 
Please ask your Ventana Rep for contacts of other users in your area and
ask them if they are experiencing the same issues.
There may be other problems providing these symptoms..
Are you getting these results in ALL antibodies?
Is it only antibodies getting a specific pretreatment? CC1 as opposed to
Have you changed your control tissue or how that control tissue and the
patient tissue has been handled before it got to you?
Are you cutting and storing your control tissue ahead of time?
Most control tissues can last a long time on the slide once they have
been cut, but if you have tissue that has been cut and stored on the
slide for a long time, you MAY want to look at that, a long time could
be 6 months to a year...I know a lot of labs cut and store their tissue
for extended periods of time and have no problems! Since you are
experiencing inconsistencies, I suggest checking out this aspect...
And while you're at it, there's always the WATER!!!  It's summertime and
water changes, maybe check out the water supply, the filtration process,
bring in water from an outside source to make up your EZ prep and
Reaction Buffer....
Hope this helps...

Becky Orr, CLA HT (ASCP)
IHC Lead
Evanston Northwestern Healthcare
ph: 847-570-2771


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