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Since my attachment didn't work, I am sending my protocol for Mowry's
colloidal iron as text.


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                        COLLOIDAL IRON

Mowry, R.W. (1958)  Improved procedure for the staining of acidic

    polysaccharides by Muller's colloidal (hydrous) ferric oxide

    and its combination with the Feulgen and periodic acid-Schiff

    reactions.  J. Clin. Invest. -7-: 566-576.


Stock "solution" (actually a colloidal suspension):

    6.75 g FeCl3.6H2O

    6 ml distilled water

    0.4 ml conc. (37%) HCl

  Stir until dissolved.

  Bring 250 ml distilled water to a boil in a 1 liter container.

  Add ferric chloride solution to the boiling water.



Colloidal iron:

    15 ml distilled water

     5 ml glacial acetic acid

    20 ml stock "solution"


Ferrocyanic acid:

    15 ml 2% potassium ferrocyanide trihydrate

           [0.3 g K4Fe(CN)6.H2O in 15 ml H2O]


           Make 30 minutes before use.

    15 ml 2% solution of conc. (37%) HCl

           [0.3 ml 37% HCl plus 14.7 ml H2O]


    Mix solutions just before use.


1 N HCl:

    27.5 ml H2O

     2.5 ml conc. (37%) HCl


Sulfurous acid:

    0.5 g sodium pyrosulfite = "sodium metabisulfite" = Na2S2O5

  100 ml distilled water

    0.5 ml conc. (37%) HCl


 1. Bring to water.

 2. 12% acetic acid, 30 seconds.

 3. Colloidal iron, 1 hour.

 4. 12% acetic acid, 4 changes, 3 minutes each.

 5. Ferrocyanic acid, 20 minutes.

 6. Running tap water, 5 minutes.

 7. 1 N HCl at 60oC, 10 minutes.

 8. Running tap water, 5 minutes.

 9. Distilled water, rinse.

10. Schiff's reagent, 10 minutes.

11. Sulfurous acid, 3 changes, 2 minutes each.

12. Running water, 5 minutes.

13. Dehydrate, clear, and mount.





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