[Histonet] Processing with mesh cassettes

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 Are your cassettes packed in too tightly or do they "stick" together during
processing, and do you use an agitation in your program?

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Hi Michelle,

I've not attempted this.  Perhaps if you exposed the cassettes to a
solution to reduce the surface tension of the screens.  Possibly putting
a small amount of a detergent in the first formalin.  Or dipping the
cassettes in a detergent solution before placing them on the processor.


>>> "Michelle Becker" <mbecker <@t> pathlabinc.com> 06/07/05 10:12AM >>>
We recently started using mesh cassettes for small biopsies, also
micromesh, histoscreen or micro biopsy cassettes, depending on the
manufacturer. The techs, as well the pathologists, love them.
Unfortunately, it has caused reagent carryover in our tissue processors
3000 & Leica TP1050)after only one run.  The first reagent level
(formalin)decreases significantly; the 2nd reagent level(Prefer), as
the next 3 alcohol levels, have significant increases. The tissue
used does not seem to make a difference. We run a 4 hour short program
vacuum for biopsies. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, how
did you
resolve it?  I really hate to stop using something the techs and
pathologists love and actually agree on!

Michele Becker, HTL(ASCP)
Histology Manager
Laboratory Corporation of America
Portsmouth, NH

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