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Washington state does not have a requirement for licensure for histotechs - at this point.  That is the only driving factor for qualified people filling these positions if a facility doesn't have a specific requirement.  Our lab is a private reference lab and we have stated minimum qualifications for out positions that require HT or HTL's.  We do have positions we can fill for "trainees" - which have requirements that match those in order for the individual to be certified after training for one year. Usually the trainees have a B.S. in Biology.

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> Dear Fellow Histonetters,
>      Two posts in one day ought to be a record for me, but as demand
> dictates, I have returned with yet another question.
>      This question may be directed more toward the Histology managers or
> histologists who know a little about regulations in the group as I once
> again as for your most valuable help.
>      I am inquiring on behalf of a friend and fellow Histologist who at the
> moment does not have access to a computer, so pardon me if this isn't very
> clear as this is coming to me second hand.
>      The question is: What are the individual state requirements for a
> histology technician that is not certified? Is there such regulation that
> exists within the states that would regulate hiring staff and what kind of
> requirements would a person fall under in order to be able to be hired to
> work in histology (non-certified). What does your state say about this
> issue? 
>      I would be interested to see what different states (or facilities) have
> to say about the uncertified technician route as it got a little harder now
> to get certified under ASCP.
>      If anyone has any facility type documentation that gives you guidance
> as to who you can hire to work in histology, what kind of qualifications do
> you require? Does your state or facility eventually push for certification
> (surely)? Are there cities out there that lay the groundwork for what
> qualifications are necessary to work in our field? 
>    I do realize that this is a complex question that may not a simple
> answer. If someone out there has the expertise in this could give me some
> guidance on this topic it would be most appreciated. Thank you in advance.
> Sincerely,
> Tom Thweatt
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