[Histonet] Qualifications to work in Histology

Thweatt, John T John.Thweatt <@t> med.va.gov
Fri Jun 3 13:51:43 CDT 2005

Dear Fellow Histonetters,
     Two posts in one day ought to be a record for me, but as demand
dictates, I have returned with yet another question.
     This question may be directed more toward the Histology managers or
histologists who know a little about regulations in the group as I once
again as for your most valuable help.
     I am inquiring on behalf of a friend and fellow Histologist who at the
moment does not have access to a computer, so pardon me if this isn't very
clear as this is coming to me second hand.
     The question is: What are the individual state requirements for a
histology technician that is not certified? Is there such regulation that
exists within the states that would regulate hiring staff and what kind of
requirements would a person fall under in order to be able to be hired to
work in histology (non-certified). What does your state say about this
     I would be interested to see what different states (or facilities) have
to say about the uncertified technician route as it got a little harder now
to get certified under ASCP.
     If anyone has any facility type documentation that gives you guidance
as to who you can hire to work in histology, what kind of qualifications do
you require? Does your state or facility eventually push for certification
(surely)? Are there cities out there that lay the groundwork for what
qualifications are necessary to work in our field? 
   I do realize that this is a complex question that may not a simple
answer. If someone out there has the expertise in this could give me some
guidance on this topic it would be most appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Tom Thweatt

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