[Histonet] Summer job at Medimmune, Location

Madary, Joseph MadaryJ <@t> MedImmune.com
Fri Jun 3 12:28:45 CDT 2005

Sorry my ealrier posting was weak.  We are located in Gaithersburg Maryland about 20 minutes outside of Wash D.C.  The amount is not set yet but for a decent tech we can work off past salaries.  We want a responsible person that can hit the lab without much extra training, just the nuances of this lab should be all required.  The lab is simple on the paraffin side, and requires a person who can cut good frozens, doing IHC on those frozens using the DAKO autostainer.  The staining is set up so the person will need to be very comfortable making dilutions and reagents from scratch.  We rarely use commercial anything except buffers.  Again, a retired person who was really good would be perfect.

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