[Histonet] Problem with cutting sections on Microtome

Thweatt, John T John.Thweatt <@t> med.va.gov
Fri Jun 3 11:33:41 CDT 2005

Dear Fellow Histonetters,
     We are experiencing some trouble cutting just regular skin that we have
not seen before. There has been no change in the processing or any other
process that we are doing yet our Pathologist pointed out here this week
that she is seeing shattering, wavy sections starting in our skin specimens
and now it is showing up in our polyps as well. We have tried to change the
angle of the blade, different blades, chilling and warming the block (the
usual method to clear this up) with no avail. These are very new microtomes
that we purchased last fall (Microm 355 S) fully automatic microtomes (2)
and we are using Richard Allen blades and tried some Duraedge samples also.
We should not have such problems with this new of equipment. Any suggestions
or ideas? Anyone experience the same with the same microtome? and how did
you resolve it? Thanks in advance.

Tom Thweatt	

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