[Histonet] Info on Cryojane

Lowen, Nancy Nancy.Lowen <@t> med.va.gov
Thu Jun 2 11:33:54 CDT 2005

If anyone is using the Cryojane tape transfer system for cutting
undecalcified bone for frozen sections, we would appreciate your imput.
What temperature do you cut bone at and does the tape transfer the complete
section of bone to the slide?

We are getting shattering of the bone on most sections and are really having
some problems with the bubbles not rolling out. 

We are still in the testing process, but we would love to have any tips from
anyone who has more experience on how to obtain the best sections.  Should
we expect to see totally intact sections when cutting bone?  Also, what
freezing method have you found to be the best..Thanks in advance



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