[Histonet] resin embedded tissue and sirius red staining

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I have done sirrus red staining on GMA sections with good results.  How
thick are your sections.  I used 5 micron thick sections and stained with SR
for 30 min.

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Dear histonetters,

I have a question regarding the feasibility of staining resin embedded skin
(in technovit) with Picosirius red (for collagen). We have some old samples
embedded in resin that we would like to stain for collagen if at all
possible. We normally do our sirius red staining on frozen and paraffin
embedded tissue with good results. I tried running the same protocol (1hr
sirius red followed by quick wash in acidified water) as well as at longer
times (sirius red for 3 hours) with the resin sections but I get very dull
staining (under polarized light I do not get the nice
red/green/orange/yellow I normally see, instead it's rather murky). I
haven't found anything online in terms of staining resin embedded samples
with sirius red so I was wondering if this was one of those things that
can't be done. Any comments would be much appreciated.

Thank you
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