[Histonet] Storage of Frozen Section slides

CHRISTIE GOWAN christiegowan <@t> msn.com
Wed Jun 1 10:24:32 CDT 2005

I know this subject has been tossed around before, but I wonder if Patsy 
Ruegg or Chris Van der Loos or anyone else for that matter would share with 
me their protocol for storing frozen slides. The company I work for sells 
frozen TMA slides. We cut sections as requested by clients and mail them out 
on dry ice. We have found that after going into the block 10-12 times we 
start to see artifact. Pre-cutting slides would be much better for the life 
of the block. Has anyone tried storing  the slides in a vacuum sealed (food 
saver) bag? Any help would be appreciated.
Christie Gowan HT (ASCP)

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