[Histonet] RE: Biotin conjugated Antibodies -- can we skip biotin??

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Chris Is correct here I use what ever secondary I have that is against the
primary antibody species even if it is conjugated with biotin or fitc with a
labeled polymer hrp detection system to avoid the problem of unblockable
endogenous biotin in the tissue.  I just got a labeled polymer detection
system for primary antibodies made in goats from Invitrogen (I had trouble
finding one for goat primary antibodies).

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   You may apply successfully any appropriate anti-goat reagent, ignoring
   the biotin-label of the primary antibody. Biotin groups at the primary
   are far too small to block anti-goat reagents. As long as there are no
   biotin-binding  structures  in  the section, which is only very rarely
   the  case, the biotin-label of the primary isn't influencing the final
   staining result.

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   Subject: [Histonet] Biotin conjugated Antibodies -- can we skip
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   Just a general question to help increase my knowledge:
   If I had an antibody that was conjugated to biotin -- say for example,
   a  goat  anti-mouse  P-selectin  (biotin)  -- can I just take a rabbit
   anti-goat  conjugated to AP and run IHC that way -- hopefully avoiding
   the  ABC  step  and  background OR does the biotin from the primary Ab
   block secondaries from coming in?
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