[Histonet] ? For IHC labs with 1200-1500 slides per month

Mildred Fail failm <@t> musc.edu
Wed Jul 27 12:35:24 CDT 2005

Regarding controls.
Do you place the patient tissue on the slide with the control tissue?
If so who cuts the pt. tissue, who cuts the controls?
If the pt tissue is cut in one lab and the controls in another, could you describe how the controls are labeled, stored, distributed ?

We are going to be putting the pt tissue on the control slides, which will decrease the amt of slides placed on th e autostainer, increase the number of control slides needing to be cut, and the amt of reagent required for each  slide. We have some ideas on how to distribute the controls, but I would be very interested in how some of you handle the controls for IHC. 

Thank you,
Rena Fail

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