[Histonet] PGP 9.5

Adeline Chow adel2377 <@t> yahoo.com.sg
Sun Jul 24 21:46:32 CDT 2005

 have a few questions.. 

1) Do expired BDH polyLlysine slides have an effect on IHC staining besides the fact that they dun stick tissues on as well? 

2) Does 4% paraformaldehyde as a fixative need to be prepared freshly before each use? It should be fine if its stored at 4C up to two months ? 

3) Have been doing  pgp 9.5 IHC on skin specimens (Hypothenar 3mm punches) for a while and sometimes looking for the fibres in the epidermis can be difficult. Sometimes its positive and sometimes its not. Staining protocol is , fixation in 4 % paraform. overnight followed by sucrose o/n and cut in a cryostat at 30um . Sections stained o/n 4C followed by use of DAKO envision kit . Anything wrong with this protocol? 

Pls help. Greatly appreciated. 

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